2023 Festival Hairstyles You'll Love

2023 Festival Hairstyles You'll Love

Summer festivals are all about having fun and embracing your inner free spirit, so it's time to put away the sleek blowouts and well-behaved strands. Festival hair should be easy, breezy, and totally boho, so we've rounded up some of the cutest hairstyles perfect for all types of festival occasions.

The best part about festival hair is that it's all about having fun! Try out different styles and don't be afraid to get creative with accessories or bold colours. Have some extra time? Then why not add some temporary colour streaks or dip dye the ends of your hair for an extra pop of colour.

See below for our Top Five Favourite Festival Hair for 2023

Space Buns


One of the easiest and most popular looks for festival season is space buns and it's no wonder why! Space buns are a great way to add some fun texture to your hair, without having to wash your locks. Plus, they look totally stylish and elevated whether you're going for more of an edgy look or dressing up in something a bit more feminine. For summer hair perfection, gather your tresses into two high buns and top off the look with some glittery accessories for a truly boho goddess shine!

French Braids


Looking for a festival-ready hairstyle that won't let you down? Look no further than the trusty French braid! This classic do is perfect for keeping your hair away from your face as you dance the day away, and it's sure to stay put all weekend long. Plus, with the help of some coloured wools or colourful hair extensions, you can take your French braid to the next level and make it totally unique. So go on, get ready to rock out in style with a fabulous French braid.

Glitter Parting


If you're looking to turn heads at the festival, then a glitter parting is your secret weapon! Just take a bit of glitter and sprinkle it along the parting of your hair. It will hide away all that grease from day one and make you look like a star-studded dream! Plus, you can use it to create super cute designs if you're feeling creative. So why not give it a go and shine bright at the festival! Who knows, you might even start a trend!

Skinny Braids


Are you looking for a fun, festival-approved hairstyle? Then look no further! Thin braids are an easy way to add a bit of texture and style to your hair. Not only do they look great, but they're also perfect for tackling greasy or frizzy areas too.

For that 70s vibe, plait a couple of thin braids and frame your face. If you don't have a hair tie handy, no problem! Just backcomb the ends of your braids to keep them in place - voila, you've got an on-trend festival hairstyle that will stay all day long!

Viking Warrior Braids


If you're ready to rock a festival look with serious attitude, the Viking Warrior Braid is the perfect style for you! With braids pulled up into a crown-like shape and woven together in intricate patterns, this hairdo is bold and beautiful. Show off your creative side by adding some accessories like beads or feathers - it'll be a guaranteed showstopper. Plus, you don't have to worry about your hair getting in your way when you're having fun - no matter how wild the party gets, your Viking warrior braid will stay put! So if you want to channel your inner warrior princess at this festival season, the Viking warrior braid is the perfect style for you.

Let your inner boho goddess shine this festival season with some of the easiest, prettiest hair styles around! With a bit of planning and creativity, your perfect festival hairstyle will be ready to rock in no time. So go ahead and get creative, the possibilities are endless!

Happy styling!