How to Create Glam Waves with our SuperShine Radiance Straightener

February 28, 2020

Make like a Hollywood superstar with this gorgeously polished look.  

Glam waves always make an impact. Whether you’re hitting a special party or grabbing lunch with friends, these sleek waves are a great way to add a little wow factor to your look. What’s more, you don’t have to spend hours in the salon to get the perfect glam wave finish – this is one style where you can DIY. We use the Nicky Clarke SuperShine Radiance Straightener with ionic steam conditioning to create beautifully polished waves. This smart straightener locks in moisture to support nourished, shiny hair as you style.  

Our easy-to-follow tutorial helps you to feel red-carpet-ready in a flash. Follow the steps below to recreate glam waves at home. 

Step 1
Brush dry hair and apply heat spray to ensure your locks stay protected.

Step 2
Work on your hair in sections, starting with the bottom layer. Remember, the smaller your sections, the more intense your final look will be.


Step 3
Choose your heat setting. The Nicky Clarke Radiance Straightener lets you find the right heat level for your hair. You’ll need to turn up the heat for thicker hair and reduce it for naturally fine tresses. 


Step 4
Curl hair by gently smoothing it through your straighteners while rotating. Remember to curl the front portion away from your face for a perfectly framed finish.


Step 5
Use argan oil and hairspray to add shine and staying power to your finished look.

Ready to create more salon-worthy looks at home? Explore the Nicky Clarke range of tools and products to discover your next head-turning style.