Ask a Colourist: Emilie Venturini

July 3, 2020

Hi Emilie! It’s great to speak to you. Could you tell us how you became a colour specialist?


I actually sort of fell into it! I started working on reception at Nicky Clarke when I was 18, and I just found it really interesting watching the stylists and colourists work. It was one of the senior stylists who pushed me to get qualified. It took me a while to make that decision, but once I started, I never looked back. I did all of my training in-house and I knew almost from the start that my passion was colour. I’ve been with Nicky Clarke for 13 years now.



What do you love about your job?


I think the main thing I enjoy is meeting all kinds of different people from different walks of life. It’s so interesting. I’m a real people person and very creative, so this job is definitely a good match! The team is amazing – most of us have been here for a long time and it really feels like a family.




What should people think about when they visit the salon for colour?


One of the things that is always helpful is some sort of visual reference for the colour you want. Your idea of honey blonde and mine might be very different – it’s useful to be able to see the colour you’re aiming for. Also, I think people often don’t appreciate the timescales involved, it can be a really lengthy process. It’s definitely worth it though! Other than that, listen to your colourist and try to be realistic about what you can achieve. Going from jet black to blonde is going to be tough in one visit and do a lot of damage to your hair. My job is to help you to understand your base colour and hair type, what will look great, and what we can achieve. It’s always important for me to do a very thorough consultation. I want all of my clients to walk away feeling amazing.



What are your top tips for caring for colour at home?


It’s important to keep hair hydrated. The drier and more porous the hair is, the faster the colour will fade. The hair cuticles stay closed when they are hydrated, and this helps with keeping colour fresh. A good moisturising shampoo formulated for coloured hair is a must. The quality ones really do work and keep the cuticle closed for longer, especially for darker colours that fade faster. Blondes should consider a purple or blue shampoo to keep on top of brassy tones, but not too often. This type of treatment can dry hair out or lighten it. I’d also definitely recommend a moisturising treatment once a week – the Nicky Clarke Stop Fade Moisture Mask is great.



What are some of the key colour trends you’re seeing in the salon?


Trends tend to be very seasonal. Balyage is a strong trend that comes back year after year – especially through summer. It’s one of my favourite styles of colour to work on and I’m not sure it will ever go out of fashion. In the autumn and winter, people tend to ask for darker and warmer colours. One trend that has popped up in recent years is for full-head bleaches and very white blondes – I think that might be linked to Daenerys from Game of Thrones!


What are you looking forward to most about getting back in the salon?


Seeing my clients and our team. I’ve really missed them! I also just love making people feel great about themselves, so it will be lovely to get back to doing that.


Thank you so much, Emilie. It’s been a pleasure! You can find some of Emilie’s beautiful colour work on our Instagram page.