5 Top Tips For Healthy Hair

February 18, 2020

Everyone has the occasional bad hair day. But when that bad day turns into a bad hair month (or even longer), it could be time to transform your haircare routine. Your hair works hard, facing pollution, heat, and styling on a daily basis. That’s why it’s so important to practice great haircare every day. Healthy hair not only feels and looks amazing, it can provide an instant confidence boost. Take control of your styling routine and always feel like the best version of you.


Forget dry, unruly, or dull hair. Transform your tresses with our 5 top tips for healthy hair.


1. Pick Products Designed Around You

Your hair, just like you, is unique. This means that products that work for someone else may be completely wrong for your hair type. Thick, wavy or curly hair will drink up moisturising products, which would weigh down pin-straight locks. So, always do your homework and pick products that are a great partnership for your hair type. If you’re suffering from frizzy or dry hair, try our Weightless Treatment with Argan Oil, which will infuse your hair with natural proteins for health, radiance and shine.


2. Keep Hydrated

Great hair starts from the inside out, and plenty of good-old-fashioned H20 is one of the quickest ways to better hair. Staying well hydrated promotes a healthy blood supply to your scalp, leading to stronger follicles and healthier hair growth. Each strand of your hair is actually made up of around 25% water, so topping up your water levels regularly is one of the best ways to avoid dull or brittle tresses.


3. Get Heat Smart

Most of us use heated tools to create our favourite looks, and while heated tools offer amazing possibilities, it’s important to use them with care. Always use a heat protection spray before you turn up the heat. We also recommend that you allow your hair to airdry to around 80% before blow-drying and finishing your style.  Try to avoid repeatedly going over the same section of hair with curling tongs or straightening irons to prevent heat damage.  

4. Choose Advanced Haircare Tools

One of the best ways to lower the risk of heat damage is to choose high-quality styling tools. Poorly-made tools often use cheap materials or fail to heat evenly, making it tougher to achieve the style you want and putting your hair at risk of breakage or damage. At Nicky Clarke, we have been developing smart styling tools for decades. Try our SuperShine Steam Straightener IZORA Edition to experience ionic steam conditioning that supports healthy, hydrated, and nourished hair alongside exceptional styling.


5. Treat Hair to a Nourishing Mask

Every now and then we all need a little extra love, and your hair is no different. Once a week take some time to pamper yourself and enjoy a nourishing hair mask to soothe away your hair stresses. Use a deep conditioner to indulge your hair, leaving it feeling regenerated from the roots, right through to the tips.


Here at Nicky Clarke, we enjoy helping you unlock your best hair. Explore our blog for tips and tutorials or visit our online store to discover some of the most advanced styling tools and products around.