About Nicky Clarke

Beautiful Hair For Everyone.

Our brand grew out of a life-changing partnership. With Nicky thriving as a successful hair stylist and Lesley, an international fashion designer, they opened their very first hair salon nearly 30 years ago. Combining Nicky’s artistic expertise and Lesley’s creative and business vision, together they have built an award winning, world-famous haircare brand. Today, the Nicky Clarke salons and range of haircare products and tools are styling essentials for beauty fans everywhere.

Creating the Future of Haircare

The Nicky Clarke brand may have a long history, but we are always looking forward when it comes to haircare innovation. From ion and tourmaline technology, to the latest steam-conditioning straighteners in our SuperShine range – we put our heart and soul into creating styling tools that really work. And we are committed to developing products that work in harmony with every hair type, in every style scenario.

Many of our greatest hair breakthroughs are inspired by the talented stylists in our Birmingham salon. Their expertise and vision help us to create new ways of styling while always protecting the health and beauty of hair. As we work with clients to tackle their personal hair challenges, we are driven to create advanced haircare solutions.

“We believe great hair should never be hard work.“

A Kinder World for Hair

Right now, we are developing greener ways of styling that protect the planet as well as your hair. We are evolving, using natural ingredients and prioritising sustainable packaging, to offer products and styling tools that are kinder to hair, skin, and the environment. Our aim is to develop smarter ways to deliver exciting styling possibilities.

“We never stop dreaming of new ways to deliver extraordinary haircare.”

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