Your Hair Awards 2013

The Nicky Clarke Pro 2000 Hairdryer recently won Best Budget Hairdryer at the Your Hair Awards in London.

The Nicky Clarke Pro 2000 Hairdryer is the perfect way to achieve flawlessly smooth frizz free and luscious looking locks. It’s built in ceramic technology and variable heat settings made the Nicky Clarke Pro 200 Hairdryer the Best Budget Hairdryer at the Your Hair Awards 2013.

Don’t forget when using heat styling tools to use a heat protection spray to help keep your hair healthy and shiny. We love the Nicky Clarke Heat Protect Shine Spray.

When using heat styling tools on a regular basis it is important to use a conditioning mask to help restore the hair’s condition. The Nicky Clarke Intensive Moisture Mask is specially fortified with carefully selected proteins to help promote smooth, shiny and manageable hair whilst providing long lasting condition and nourishment.