Professional Hairdresser Live 2012

Professional Hairdresser Live 2012 held at Manchester Central was in its 2nd year. The weekend it’s fair to say blew everybody away with names such as Andrew Collinge, Errol Douglas, Lisa Shepard and Nicky Clarke all making guest educational appearances.

The Nicky Clarke Team headlined the Creative stage on the opening day to bring the audience his show ‘STOP THE CLOCKS’ that saw us chasing down the clock to see how many runway hairstyles we could replicate from our session portfolios from the past few years within 40 minutes, all with their very own story it was a tremendous insight to the session world for the packed audience. We also introduced two members of the Sunny Sangha and Ashley Lambe whom both produced a look each on stage.

‘I’m a big fan of the magazine, it’s become a seriously respectable creative trade publication. You only have to look at the names regularly contributing who support this notion. I’m fortunate to have a have monthly column with the magazine so naturally when i’m asked i’ll do all I can to support the magazine. The weekend itself as far as a trade event goes was bang on and absolutely rammed and all considering it’s in it’s infancy is quite remarkable.

What really draws me to professional hairdresser is they continually look to get the best hairdressers on their pages, not necessarily the biggest commercial names but the guys backstage on shows and shoots and to be a headliner at their trade event was a big honour.

It’s funny because i actually had two broken ribs whilst doing this show (snowboard accident) and that’s my excuse for not beating the clock! The idea behind STOP THE CLOCKS came from me listening to a Noel Gallagher song strangely, and i just thought lets stop the clocks and see what i can do…stop time in a way and get lost in the hair. I often find myself in that mindset when i’m working with hair that time just passes me by and i’m engulfed mentally and physically in this place…that’s what i wanted to do to the audience.

So i got 6 done in 40 minutes, which i’m told was surpassed expectations though i was aiming for 7. We had a model for each look with very little prep done and i just banged out the hair on stage. Everything from doing a look on Daisy Lowe to a runway look i did for Matthew Williamson to a look i did for Antonio Berardi that i slightly tweaked. It was all relevant in it’s own right and most importantly there was something in each style that could be easily taken to the salon’