Nicky Clarke supports ActionAid

Celebrities ranging from actors to designers are helping anti-poverty charity ActionAid get every boy and girl in the developing world out of poverty and into school. They’ve got their feelings about poverty and lack of education off their chests and devised tee-shirt slogans in aid of ActionAid’s PoverTee Day.

Designer Wayne Hemingway, hairdresser Nicky Clarke, actresses Miranda Richardson, Ashley Jensen and Karen David, singer Alexandra Burke and model and designer Jasmine Guinness devised snappy and thought-provoking slogans which have been immortalised on one-off tee-shirts being auctioned to raise money for ActionAid’s PoverTee Day.

In its nationwide fundraiser, ActionAid is asking the country to come together and do two simple things – wear a tee-shirt and donate money to charity. In return ActionAid will use the money raised to fight poverty and provide an education for some of the 72 million children across the world who do not attend school.

ActionAid spokesperson, Janine Goddard, said: “People across the UK have the chance to help change the lives of millions of the world’s poorest children. They can swap their normal school uniform or work clothes for a tee-shirt and donate £2 to ActionAid for the privilege.

“We will use the money raised to make a difference to the education and standard of living of children and families living in poverty in Africa, Asia and the Americas.”


Facts and figures

·         Nearly 60% of all children out of school are girls.

·         A third of all children out of school have a disability.

·         A child born to a mother who can read is 50% more likely to survive past the age of 5 than a child whose mother can’t read.

·         Nearly 250 million children have to work to help their families.


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