Nicky Clarke OBE says no to hairdressing regulations



Nicky Clarke OBE debates with Andrew Neil and MP Nia Griffiths on BBC Daily Politics  on whether the hairdressing industry needs regulation.

The Llanelli MP and Shadow Wales Minister Nia Griffith is calling for the compulsory state registration of hairdressers although Nicky Clarke in his 40 years of hairdressing career disagrees.


“In my 40 year career this matter has come up time and time again – I’m all for more professionalism in this industry. My qualifications are 40 years on the floor – this matter should not be a simple tickbox form however.

State intervention is not the answer. Even though Britain is one of the last countries to have regulation we are still considered to be one of the best in the world. “

Hairdressing has come a long way in the past decade since the 1964 act – watch the debate here: