Must-try top tips for Changing Hair

Have your trusted hair tips stopped working on your hair?

Nicky Clarke recently revealed his must-try top tips for changing hair with Woman and Home Magazine.
When you’re running out of time or in a rush in the mornings Nicky recommends concentrating on “just the top layers, the hair on the crown and the hairline. Keep to these areas and the underneath will take care of itself.”
To aid and speed up drying Nicky suggests using an iconic dryer “Which will speed up drying time and promote shine.” Woman & Home’s Jo Glanville-Blackburn recommends using an Iconic Dryer such as the Nicky Clarke Frizz Control 1200W Hot Air Styler.
If it’s a quick and easy up do your looking for then Nicky suggests practising a braid or a bun which can be redone in the office in seconds taking you from day to night.