James Brunt Hair Expert

James Brunt Advanced Director at Nicky Clarke was recently featured as a Hair Expert in Hair Ideas.

James shared his top tips for short hair. For any of you ladies who are having a hard time deciding wether or not to go for a crop why not take James‘ advice.

“A crop can be super-versatile. To make it look ultra – feminine, blend the cut  into the nape of the neck to accentuate your head shape.”

Why not take your inspiration from Charlize Theron who after shaving all her hair off for a role has been sporting a gorgeous blonde crop of late, with a long fringe. A long fringe is great to add a feminine feel to this edgy style.

James recommends Nicky Clarke Hair Raising as his one product he can’t live with out. Nicky Clarke Hair Raising is great for adding some volume and lift to hair, perfect for adding some night time glamour to your shorter style.