GET THE LOOK: Xmas Party Hair

Tis the season to be jolly fa la la…… And let’s be honest the presents are great but Christmas is all about the build up, going out and going out hard! I write this story looking out the window from our Mayfair Salon across Berkeley Square on a Wednesday evening at something that would resemble a scene from a Sex And The City episode.

Not only are people generally in a better mood at Christmas time, we all seem to pay that bit more attention to what we wear and how we wear it! I get more requests for tips on Party Hair than at any other time of the year. Christmas is the season for parties and they are coming earlier and earlier.

Check out my Autumn Winter 2010/2011 Trends and my Top 5 Autumn Winter Looks for current looks seen on the runway.

A few general rules I suggest you keep too:

  • Hair is an accessory like a handbag or pair of shoes. Treat it that way and tailor you hairstyle to complement your outfit – do some planning ahead.
  • Go for an UpDo. It’s generally more dressy and can be at times a lot quicker.
  • Use online video’s and tips
  • Prep your hair: mousse is a great Winter product.



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Scarlett Johansson

Go for a quiffed elegant modern UpDo worn by Scarlett Johansson. It’s really easy to achieve by simply backcombing through the top and tightly pleating at the back. This look is Ideal for any high neck dress or jeweled accessorising.

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Angelina Jolie

Mrs. Pitt’s look in the Film ‘The Tourist’ has gone down well and a big hit in the salons; it’s incredibly simple for you to achieve at home. Simply pull the sides back to just under the crown and drop the top section over to create height; add detail and cover grips.

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Kate Beckinsale

Love Kate Beckinsale’s long to short hairstyle, ideal for any low or high back: perfect for big collared coats and scarves. It can be achieved with two grips or just make a pony tail and tie back on itself. I did this look for Matthew Williamson recently and it’s sure to be a look that carries on through to Spring Summer 2011. 

Drew Barrymore

Drew’s 60’s inspired distressed UpDo can be styled in many different ways. The main things to remember are to create the volume at the crown and separate down the middle, pulling out pieces to shape the face, pull all the hair off the neck. Keep the texture really disheveled and use lots of hairspray.

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Fishtail Plait UpDo

Seen on the catwalk at Erdem, the Fishtail Plait is the UpDo of the winter. Tie it into a top knot and accessorise with a hair band and there you have a look taking in three key elements of 2010-2011.

Click here to watch my Fishtail Plait UpDo Video Tutorial 

Rockabilly UpDo

Worn down the catwalk at Fendi, it screams daring contemporary glamour. Coupled with the fact it is so easy to achieve this has been a really popular look. I’ve been re-creating this since I released my Video Hair Tutorial of the look.

Click here to watch my Rockabilly UpDo Video Tutorial