GET THE LOOK: Wonderful Waves


Some stunning work from 3rd Senior Director – Tito Perez Valido at Nicky Clarke London, Mayfair.

Tito has worked at the BAFTAs and has styled for the Royal Family and celebrities alike. Over the course of his career Tito has become somewhat of a master and in a few simple steps, explains exactly how to get this look.



Step 1: Apply Nicky Clarke Great Body Mousse in damp hair to the mid ends and ends of the hair to achieve lovely fullness and thickness

Step 2: Apply a small amount of Nicky Clarke hair raising to the roots in order to get longstanding volume and lift

Step 3: Apply a full head of rollers, remove by section and tong it, clip it and let it cool down

Step 4: Smooth out the top section of hair by applying soft wax to give it shine

“If you want the hair to last for your special occasion, twist the hair and clip it. Let it loose when you are ready and the curls will stay beautiful all night”.