What’s the best way to look after your hair this summer?


Summer haircare tips from the Nicky Clarke team


Summer has well and truly arrived – as the days continue to get longer and hotter, you read a lot about applying SPF and general skin protection and while this is hugely important, your hair also needs some special TLC to protect it from the sun, sea water, chlorine as well as from styling tools and colouring.


Keep your hair healthy and summer safe with these top tips from the Nicky Clarke team.


1 – Avoid hot styling when you can and let your hair dry naturally. During the warmer months and on holiday, hot styling your hair is more damaging than ever. It dries outthe hair and can leave it brittle and prone to breakages. Use the Nicky Clarke Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner when using styling tools to keep your hair as hydrated as possible during summer.


2 – Always rinse hair with cold water after washing. Just like your face, a splash of cold water after you’ve washed and conditioned your hair will seal the hair follicles and protect them from further damage.


3 – Give your hair a treatment mask once a week – it’ll only add 5 minutes to your hair washing routine, but will keep hair healthy, soft and strong during the summer months. We recommend Nicky Clarke Intensive Moisture Mask for a simple solution to ensuring your hair looks healthy in the sun.



4 – During the summer months, when wet, try not to towel dry your hair the way you normally would. Roughing up your hair follicles while towel drying can have quite a negative effect on your hair in the long run; although it may be a quicker way of getting the hair dry quicker, your hair won’t thank you for it. To look after your hair during summer, press the hair into the towel delicately to remove excess water.


5 – Use a shampoo and conditioner specific to your hair type – sounds like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised by how many people just use whatever’s on the shelf or on offer! This is particularly important during the summer because if your hair is coloured or particularly dry, it will need extra care. If you have fine hair, look for products which will add volume and lift but if your hair is weak and splits easily, look for products which have ingredients to strengthen it. The Nicky Clarke Argan Oil is one product that suits most types of hair and is ideal for summer styling without heat.



We hope these haircare tips will help you get through summer with beautiful, luscious locks.