GET THE LOOK: Oscars 2010 Trends

So this year’s 82nd Academy Awards have been and gone, it doesn’t seem like last year we were watching our very own Kate Winslet collect her Best Actress Award. So with another year of glitz, glamour and beautiful hair, The Nicky Clarke Team give their take on what turned them on at this year’s Oscars! Two key looks came out of the 2010 Oscars:

  1. Relaxed textured Up-Do’s
  2. Old Hollywood A-Symmetric glamour (Hair Down) – inspired by Veronica Lake and created with a modern point of view.

Relaxed Textured Up-Do

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People wonder why Hair is often styled up at really glamorous events such as the Oscars. It’s simple. Gorgeous women take their hair away from their face because it’s more flattering, it exudes confidence. There is something sexy about a woman’s neck, the exposed chest area, the delicate chin, the expensive jewels on show… It’s no coincidence that the most beautiful women in the world often where there hair up.

That’s not to say the hair style isn’t important, quite the contrary. The placement in detail is vital; the height, texture and shine are all things to be carefully considered to complement the face shape. You can give yourself an eyebrow lift by pulling the sides back tightly. You can make it so individual by the style created, look at Sarah Jessica Parker at the Oscars.

Texturizing her hair before pulling it up made her updo look so much more relaxed and youthful in what could have been a very harsh look. You can have a lot of fun with Up-Do’s. There are endless styles; look at Miley Cyrus. At only 17 she went for a more mature look but still kept her youthfulness by slightly breaking up her hair. Nicole Richie seemingly wanting to be considered more serious and went for a strict tight pulled back chignon; completely out of character but it completely worked.

This is the power of Hair.

There are a few simple rules I stick too though when considering an Up-Do on somebody.

  • The face shape and dress are the most important things to consider.
  • If the neckline on the dress is really high and the person has a low hairline, hair should be worn up.
  • If someone has a heavy eyelid, I’ll do a tight Up-Do or ponytail to give a mini facelift.

Old Hollywood A-Symmetric glamour (Hair Down)

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Inspired by Veronica Lake and created with a modern point of view. One big trend that came out of the Oscars was the A-symmetrical Veronica Lake inspired ‘Old Hollywood’ look showed off superbly by Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Best Actress winner Sandra Bullock and Julianne Moore.

The one-side behind the shoulder the other over the shoulder as with a low side part has been around and shown off numerous times. It is often seen in the salon and something your stylist can easily replicate. However, what is not to be underestimated is the alternative interpretations that can be achieved in this look to make it more individual.

Look at Cameron Diaz – her hair has more volume at the top and movement than Sandra Bullock; this is achieved by simply placing some rollers at the root and brushing through more.

Kate Winslet’s hair is more set to that of Julianne Moore’s whose is sleeker and flatter at the roots. Yet they’re all really the same style.

There are a few simple rules I stick to:

  • You need to have a definite idea of the finished look.
  • Spend time prepping and putting in a clean part.
  • Use the corner of the eye as a start point for your part
  • Vary the direction of the part, i.e. straight or diagonal