GET THE LOOK: Spring/Summer Hair Colour Tips

This year has seen loads of new colour trends evolving and coming to the catwalks and mainstream style. Reese Witherspoon’s light blonde locks and Jennifer Anniston’s high-shine  honey tresses are some of the best shades we’ve spotted this spring. Both have kept their roots a dark shade of blonde, with the colour lightening towards the ends of their hair. This low maintenance colouring method is a good way to try out the glossy catwalk colour hair trend without having to keep on topping up your roots.

For a flattering shade of colour, ask your stylist for tonal drifting – this is where we see roots darkened and the ends given a lighter shade of colour to give depth and movement to the hair. Or if you’re having highlights, opt for the blushing technique where a slightly lighter semi-permanent colour is used in between the foils to soften any dark regrowth to soften unsightly roots.

After having you hair coloured using one of these techniques, always wash your locks with a sodium free shampoo and conditioner as ordinary products will dry out your hair and strip it of colour, Nicky Clarke Stop Fade Colour Shampoo and Stop Fade Colour Conditioner are perfect for this. Also try Nicky Clarke Stop Fade Colour Mask as a great weekly treat for coloured hair – it keeps the cuticles closed to lock in essential moisture and colour.