Ondine Cowley whips up hair magic with stunning Bond Quartet


Style Director, Ondine Cowley recently styled the gorgeous girls from Bond Quartet at the Hotel Cafe Royal for their forthcoming album cover in Spring.


Hailed by UK press as the “Spice Girls of the classical world”, with over 4 million albums sold worldwide and dubbed as “the most successful string quartet in the history of the music industry” – Bond Quartet really are something special and they were certainly looking nothing short of amazing.

We asked Ondine about her experience with styling the Bond Quartet girls at Hotel Cafe Royal and Hix Mayfair. We wanted to know exactly how and what she did in order to make these lovely ladies look so great!


What was the inspiration behind the look? 

The look the Bond girls were going for was a sultry and rich image which I like to think represents power in women.

I wanted to make each of the girls stand out with their personalities shining through. As the girls are all very individual, it was important to ask each one how they felt about the style I recommended and if they felt comfortable.

I have done their hair for years now so I feel I know them all very well!



How can you recreate this look at home?

Ok, let’s take Tania for example (the one with straight blond hair).

  1. You need a one length sharp haircut with a fringe which I gave Tania on the day of the photo shoot.
  2. Add a drop of Nicky Clark Argan oil to add shine to the hair.
  3. Add one roller on the crown for body then smooth out the rest of your hair.
  4. Using Nicky Clarke hair straighteners you can go over the ends of your hair.
  5. Add Nicky Clarke hair spray to your hands and place through the hair to get rid of fly away hair and give the finishing touch.



There’s big things ahead for the Bond Quartet ladies and we just cannot wait to hear their new album cover coming out in Spring!

Be sure to watch this space!