Nicky Clarke OBE talks hair tips, trends and much more on BBC radio



Still thinking about your new hair look for 2015?

Nicky Clarke OBE, notoriously known as ‘the hairdresser for the stars’ is here to answer some of your questions on BBC radio!

Q: What’s in for 2015? What is the hair trend going to be looking like, what do you predict?

Nicky: The idea of ‘what’s going to be the look for the next season’ is a bit of an outdated idea. There will definitely be feelings, an ambience and a trend which will take many forms. Will it be 70’s? The 70’s look has been coming back every other season for the last 20 years!

Will it be a more edgy look? A more glamorous approach perhaps? The fact is, we have so many options and capabilities available to us these days. The number of styling and electrical tools as well as products on the market really allow for endless opportunities. It really is whatever you want to do depending on your mood!

Q: What can women who want to go to a party do to spice up their hair without cutting it or changing it drastically?

Nicky: It’s the way in which you dry it and the way you set it which makes a huge difference. As I said before, we live in an age where we can do so much because of what products and tools are available. The way you curl your hair, the type of curl you put in, even using up do’s in a very modern way can be a great technique.

Folding things in, pinning things, it’s great to get creative and it can really be quite easy and you can get some truly amazing results and variation!

Q: How do people who can’t necessarily come to see you, find out what their optimum style and optimum shape is? What are some tips you can give people?

Nicky: You need to talk to your hairdresser. There is nothing wrong with having a conversation. If you are unsure, sometimes the best thing to do is discuss with someone else but remember, you have to choose a style which suits your personality, your face and dress sense. Your hair is you, your hair is who you feel you are.