GET THE LOOK: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is most definitely trying to appeal to an older audience at the moment. Changing your hair is a sure way of re-inventing yourself. Miley has cut it to a really sexy length, a couple of inches below the collarbone. It almost becomes seductive the way it opens up the breast area. She has coloured her hair a beautiful blonde; and look at what it has done to her eyes….I never noticed she had such gorgeous eyes! This look only works with longer layers and a few shorter surface layers and a grown out fringe area to lips level.”


  • Miley’s hair is great to work with. It’s thick and wavy though which means it can go frizzy if too much time is spent drying so move quickly!
  • Shampoo using Nicky Clarke Volume Shampoo.
  • Condition the ends with Nicky Clarke Intensive Moisture Mask and leave on for a few minutes then rinse.
  • Work through a Leave-in conditioner and curling cream with your fingers.
  • Dry hair with a diffuser on a medium heat and medium speed to avoid frizz and allow more curl to shape.
  • Make a slightly off centre parting coming diagonally back to the centre of your head, this visually gives the look balance.
  • Take sections in the shape of diamonds and start at the face working backwards.
  • Take the section, comb through and wrap around a Nicky Clarke Hair Therapy Digital Tong.
  • Keep the curling tong horizontal at all times as this will give the look more width.
  • When curling, wrap around the barrel but keep the tong moving in a circular motion and gently clamp down on the hair.
  • Leave the curls you have created loose in order to cool down.


  • No brush, no comb…..only fingers.
  • Really work your fingers through your hair to separate the curls, adding a little bit of product to create shine.
  • Spray a bit of Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray on the tips of your fingers and make circular motions on the top of your head to add a little volume and make it look more lived in.
  • Remember this look is to look almost undone and unkept…that’s the beauty of it.