London Fashion Week: PPQ Autumn/Winter 2015


Style Director Jack Gillott represented the Nicky Clarke team on the weekend at London Fashion Week for designer fashion label PPQ, teaming up with Robert Eaton (Russel Eaton) and System Professional LuxeOil.

Using various SP LuxeOil products Nicky Clarke stylist Jack Gillott and the team went to work, creating some truly amazing results.


The Show: PPQ


The HairInspired by a classic,

bold beehive with textured waves and renaissance twirls but also incorporating darker, gothic elements reminiscent of Victorian times


The Inspiration: Gothic fairytale – a myriad of dark gothic features combined with a softer angelic twist


How to: 

  1. Prep hair with mousse and SP Luxe Oil, mixed together to create voluminous texture with a glossy finish. Blow-dry with a large round brush to create body.
  2. Section out a 2″ section around the hairline and clip out of the way. Section the remaining hair in half vertically, from crown to nape.

  3. Create a tight scalp braid down the centre back parting of the head to create an anchor point for the hair. Section off a rectangle on top, right up to the top of the braid.

  4. Backcomb all of the rest of the hair to create volume and texture and lightly brush out. Wrap hair on either side of the braid inwards, creating a French pleat. Pin in to place on the braid you created in step three.

  5. Backcomb the remaining top section and lightly brush out. Secure an elastic close the end of the section. Use this to anchor this top section to the top of the braid, creating a beehive shape. Brush to create a smooth shape, fixing with hair spray.

  6. Release the front section and create pressed curls, by feeding hair onto the plate of straighteners and clamping to create an S-bend.

  7. Break up the waves with your hands slightly then place them back over the beehive shape to create contrasting texture. Fix in place by spraying with hairspray and blowing the hairdryer back over the shape.