Kim Kardashian goes platinum Blonde!

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian looked absolutely amazing in Paris on Thursday with her new platinum blonde hair!

Kim Kardashian

Sporting a mid length bleached blonde bob, Kim’s dramatic but brilliant change certainly ensured all the attention was on her at the Balmain fashion show in Paris.

Kim Kardashian 7

Kim Kardashian3

Dressed in dark velvet attire and with inherent dark features, her new blonde hair really achieves an amazing contrast with a real wow factor!

Here’s what Nicky Clarke OBE has to say!

“Kim’s new platinum blonde look would cost anything from £300-£400 at one of my salons. It would probably take a long session of at least two hours just to get the original colour out and then another three hours to bleach the hair into the new colour.

The look is a very high maintenance one and not without issue as her darker roots are going to show after one week because her natural colour is so very dark.

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Kim Kardashian8

It’s a long and harsh process on the hair too. She may get the results she wants colour wise but it will damage the condition of the hair immensely.

She will have to have a treatment every few days to maintain her glossy locks. Moreover it would also have been a scalp bleach for the roots which is not great for the skin on her head and there is a possibility of reaction.”