GET THE LOOK: Jennifer Lopez

Have you ever looked at someone’s hair and sighed as you said I want “that” hair? Have you ever lusted over those tousled, carefree, seductive waves and curls that every celeb with long hair seems to have? I know the answer is yes, I’ve been doing hair since 1985 for celebrities of film, tv and the music industry and people always say to me they want their hair.

One look which in my experience has heads turning from both sexes is the tousled sun kissed tresses of Jennifer Lopez. When it comes to longer hair, I think hair should look shiny and have movement, it should frame your face, but not hide it. Colour should compliment your skin tone and make your eyes “pop”, they are the windows to your soul after all. What makes Miss Lopez stand out when it comes to her hair is the way it looks great either wavy, curly or straight but also the colour of her hair. With toffee and caramel tones enriched with dark and milk chocolate with streaks of honey, it screams “I’m delicious, devilish and divine… Eat me!” Jennifer’s heart shaped face can take the crazy curls, the sultry waves and the slinky sleekness that we see her wearing when she pops up on our screens and in magazines, even with her hair up she works that sophisticated but sexy look to a tee.

So when it comes to longer hair, she’s a great role model as to what you can do with your longer locks and you don’t have to look like her to achieve those looks. With great techniques that your hairdresser can share with you the sky is the limit. With the aid of rollers, both heated and velcro you can achieve those lustrous waves. You don’t have to have the soft seventies middle parting look if it doesn’t suit, you can do it with side sweeping fringes or full fringes too.

Try a bit of gentle backcombing on the crown with Nicky Clarke Tease Me to give it that extra va va voom. With Nicky Clarke Professional Flexi Stylers you can rock those fierce crazy curls, all you have to do is wrap the hair around each heated rod and bend the ends of  the rods over to achieve a head full of Medusa-esque snakes, let them cool, then unwind and rake or brush out those corkscrews and woah mama, you ROCK! With the aid of our very own Nicky Clarke desiRED Professional Straightener you can swish that sleek shiny hair, just glide them through the hair to flatten those unruly stubborn and rebellious frazzled bits of the hair that no one ever wants. Our styling products and our electrical range are all available to help you achieve that “Red Carpet” glamour, it’s so easy to get these looks once you have the right products and tools. Big, beautiful hair is back! Just look in any fashion magazine, everyone wants “that” hair. Take a leaf out of JLo’s book and look after your hair, it would be a pleasure for me to help you achieve the look that makes people say “I want YOUR hair”.

Watch Nicky show you how to use Flexi Stylers below.