GET THE LOOK: How to create a smooth blow dry

Many people find it difficult to control their frizzy hair for many reasons, and I feel there are many ways to help combat this. 
It could be down to the techniques you are using or the products you are applying to blow dry your hair.
 One of my key points to help achieve this is to use a medium to large round bristled brush, depending on the length of your hair, and taking large sections. You can also use large velcro rollers if you wish to create that maximum bounce to the hair.

Nicky Clarke Instant Calmer is a great product to use to help control and tame the frizz in your hair, applying the product to the mid length and ends of your hair before blow drying instantly makes blow drying much easier whilst leaving the hair frizz free and creating that cashmere feel to the hair. Another one of my key points is to use Nicky Clarke Hair Raising in the roots of your hair whilst blow drying to help add volume to your hair as many people find it difficult to create that smooth blow dried affect removing the frizz from the hair and keeping the volume.

Taking the front section of your hair, after blow drying it smooth ensuring you had enough tension on the section of hair to remove the frizz, bring the section upwards and forwards bringing the roller to the ends of your hair and rolling it back on itself. You will only need one more large velcro roller behind this section and one either side to help you achieve that maximum bounce.