GET THE LOOK: Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum has the most beautiful hair to work with. It’s thick and moves about; it’s in the Gisele Bundchen mould. Seen here at the American Music Awards 2010 she wears it up into a classic pleat shape with a modern point of view which we’re seeing through Autumn Winter 2010/2011; iconic looks updated and taken in different directions.

Heidi Klum has such striking facial features. She is great for an Updo. Note her eye make up which makes the whole look more fierce and modernises this classic French shape.

To create the look we still want to use old school styling and finesse but with a relaxed finish to make it feel more contemporary and give it more attitude.”


  • Layer the with lots of product to give the hair guts so it stays in place.
  • Take diagonal sections and comb through Nicky Clarke Great Body Ultimate Mousse throughout the hair.
  • Work through a Thickening Lotion to create more body and comb through.
  • Begin blasting the hair on a hot setting before finishing on a medium hot setting to reduce the moisture.
  • Use a vent brush at the roots to create volume, lifting the hair away from the face.
  • As with all updo’s, it’s essential the hairline is styled smooth and any fly-aways are either eradicated or blown into the style; this is important as it really adds value to the look.
  • To clean the hairline, use either the fine teeth on a comb or a bristle brush. By pressing hard, brush in the opposite direction to which way the hair is growing and take a small round brush and blow out directing backwards.
  • Make sure this is continued around the ears and the back.
  • Once the hair has dried, take a large brush and straighten the hair out.


  • So the pleat stays in place, it’s important to create substance to the style, by backcombing (teasing).
  • Split the hair into two sections: 1.Sides and Back 2.Top.
  • From the recession area to the crown and to recession area again, comb and pin away.
  • Work from the hairline and take horizontal sections. Push the comb back on the hair approx 3 times.
  • Mist with Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray.
  • Continue around the sides and back.
  • Using a bristle brush, ideally Mason and Pearson, brush half the hair to the centre of the head. Placing your thumb against the head twist the hair around the thumb into a tight twist. Once the hair is tightly in place at the place at the bottom, place in a pin to hold and continue twisting up to the top of the section placing pins as you go.
  • Continue the process on the opposite side.
  • Pull both sides to meet each other in the centre and use grips to secure into place.
  • For the top section, take horizontal sections and backcomb the roots moving backwards. Mist hairspray on to lock into place.
  • You need more lift at the top so be more thorough with the backcombing.
  • When you reach the back take all the hair in the palm of your hand and elevate high.
  • Using the corner of the brush, gently brush over the backcombing to the crown; this keeps more volume at the back.
  • Take the mid lengths and twist with your thumb and fingers through to the ends.
  • Now place the roped twist over the pleated crease at the back and grip into place.

*NOTE: Make sure no grips are visible