GET THE LOOK: Wedding Ideas

No matter which season you choose to get married in, Ondine Cowely, our Bridal Hair Expert knows exactly what styles and colour techniques work best. Here she shares her knowledge and passion with the readers of Wedding Ideas.

Spring is all about floaty soft wedding hair with a Grecian twist. This season you need to start thinking about conditioning your hair more by using Nicky Clarke Moisture and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. Start adding soft highlights to bring in a more uplifting spring feel. I love a traditional half hair up in spring with fresh seasonal flowers scattered throughout the hair.

Now that the sun is shining I would consider adding more highlights to your hair, also add in a Nicky Clarke Intense Conditioning Treatment once a week. Wrap in a towel and leave on for 20 minutes. This will keep your hair looking shiny and silky for your big day. I love a pin curled look in the summer for a beachy effect. This can be used on your wedding day and enhanced with back coming around your crown area. You can use Nicky Clarke Tease Me to get the hold to last and will help you get more volume in your hair

This is one of my favourite seasons especially for weddings. I call it our English Indian summer and you can use colourful flowers and hair accessories with your hair loosely up or half up half down. It is a richer version of a summer look. Start toning your hair down to make it less brash and more rich and golden tones. To make sure your colour last switch your treatment to the colour fade mask to keep it looking rich. Also I would advice you to get your colour done a week before your big day do it is fresh.

Oh I love a winter wedding, bring out the fur… I believe it is all about having a sleek strong royal effect on your winter wedding day. Even if you wear your hair down or up you want it to look bold and neat with out being too stiff. Usually by having a tint and a few lights get this affect to look rich however it still haves a softness to it. A gorgeous winter look is a marcel wave, by using Nicky Clarke HairRaising on your roots to get lift, smooth out any frizzy parts. Then I would use Nicky Clarke Heated Rollers and apply them tightly bring them forward round your face. Once left for 20 minutes remove the rollers and brush your hand through your hair. You will gain a voluptuous marcel wave!