GET THE LOOK: Victoria Beckham, hair extensions

“Over the years, Victoria Beckham has set a precedent in being a leader in hair trends in the main stream. Again she has changed her look dropping extensions while holidaying in Cannes. I like it. Visually, the extensions aren’t too thick as they were in 2006 when the whole ‘WAG’ movement kicked and which Victoria was at the forefront of. They now look more natural and most importantly, healthy.

The key to wearing extensions is having longer layers so the whole look blends in and looks real. Victoria will have waited until her layers were long enough before she had this done. For permanent extensions you have to get them done professionally, however you can put temporary ones in yourself or with the help of a friend. I’m going to take you through Victoria Beckham’s new look by getting exactly the same result using temporary hair extensions.”

Prepping the Extensions

Firstly, you need to buy your extensions. Real hair is better but is pricier: HairRaisers is the best brand.  A full packet – which is what Victoria will have used – is around £70.00.

With synthetic extensions, you cannot straighten or tong them as it will melt. They come in at around half the amount or even cheaper.

I use real hair and to begin you need to decide how thick u want them. I always double up because you can always slice away any hair you don’t want but it’s very difficult to add to it if you want more.

To double up, measure the extension against your head and cut it where you want to begin and end. Do this twice and sow the extensions together. Wash the extensions to get the shiny gloss off them. Shampoo as you would but make sure you don’t get the bind wet at the top.

  • Comb through with a large tooth comb and begin applying your product.
  • To get curls to stay in, you need to build up some ‘guts’ in the extensions so use Nicky Clarke Hair Raising generously through lengths and ends.
  • Dry the hair with a paddle brush.
  • Now using a needle and thread, sow the extensions together at the bind.
  • Begin tonging the hair and let set for as long as possible.


  • Victoria’s hair is medium to fine and soft, so you need to really build up the base of it by adding thickening products. I would apply a thickening cream and Nicky Clarke Great Body Ultimate Mousse.
  • Blow dry the product in by using a Vent brush ensuring you pull the hair away from the roots.
  • Brush all the hair away from the face to create a little volume but more importantly so no partings occur.


  • Go through taking vertical sections away from the face and wrap the hair around a very large curling tong.
  • Slide a clip to the roots to maintain a bit of volume but don’t barrel the curl, leave it loose.
  • Once tonging is complete, place the first pre-made extension to below the occipital bone.
  • Place some hair glue on the bind.
  • Take a clean section.
  • Place the extension on the scalp where the parting is and blast with cold air from your hairdryer to set.
  • Repeat this process above the occipital bone.
  • Repeat this process two inches above the ear around the whole head.
  • Continue working up if you want more fullness.
  • Take a large teeth comb and run through the extensions.
  • Then run through your real hair flowing into the hair pieces.
  • Finish with Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray.