GET THE LOOK: Sienna Miller’s Beach Waves

Get Sienna Miller’s Beach Waves

Getting gorgeous waves that look like you’ve just spent a day at the beach aren’t easy to achieve at home – until now. The Nicky Clarke Waving Wand’s unique shape puts a stop to over-done curling tong hairstyles, teasing your hair into versatile and relaxed waves; the hair look favoured by British style maven Sienna Miller.

gives us the inside scoop on the beach hair trend and some top tips on how to achieve it.

“The beachy texture is timeless through the summer months. The look is created by soft organic waves with a more matte texture. The texture of hair needs to be dynamic but with a little hold to stop the hair becoming too fly-away. Sea salt sprays and Nicky Clarke Hair Raising Spray are ideal for this texture – ideally allow the hair to air dry naturally.”

“To create that sexy organic lived-in curl, take sections of hair and wrap around the wand, holding it at a 90 degree angle straight out from the head. Be sure to only curl from the mid lengths and wrap it in different directions to create an uneven curl. To make the look feel more sporadic, twist each section of hair as you are wrapping it around the wand,”