GET THE LOOK: Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson – on the back of her Luis Vuitton campaign – was the ultimate modern day Hollywood starlet with her 40’s set hair. She has showed her versatility and sex appeal by completely changing her look and going for something reminiscent of the ‘Bed Head‘ craze that was about when I first began Hairdressing and she has absolutely nailed it!…..and probably gained a few more male fans in the process!

The haircut is imperative with this style. If the haircut is right then the styling process won’t be too long at all. The layers need to be long and shattered at the ends and slightly undercut at the back; colour helps with the texture.

Scarlett’s hair looks frizzy and messy; don’t be fooled, this is what creates the beauty in the look. It needs to look like you literally have just got out of bed but in a controlled sexy way.”


Run a small amount of smoothening cream through the hair.

  • Using a medium sized paddle brush, move the hair around in different directions until dry. This will keep the hair flat and smooth.
  • Work with the hair’s natural movement; if it wants to kick out a little as Scarlett’s does at the back, go with it.


  • Use a sea salt spray to get that ‘Bed Head’ matte texture to the hair. Using your Nicky Clarke  desiRED professional AC Dryer, spray the product and let the dryer direct it onto the hair.
  • The hair, now with the sea salt spray in, will feel slightly damp.
  • Take two inch sections and twist the hair allowing it to wrap around your finger. Blast cool air from the dryer onto the hair whilst it’s wrapping around your finger.
  • Continue around the underneath of the back of the head and one inch section above both ears. We do this because it’s not about having width, yet we still need the movement underneath, a curling tong will create too much wave.
  • Around the top of the head you can see it’s flat, yet there is a slight wave in the mid lengths: this is where you need to use your Nicky Clarke  desiRED professional Straightener!
  • Take the hair into the straightener around four inches down and turn the straightener in a circular motion.
  • Do it once through the mid lengths and leave the ends out.
  • Don’t let the curl set. Rub your hands together onto the hair and let it break up; you will now see the detail.
  • Continue this process throughout the head but varying how far you come down before turning the straightener.
  • Once done, go through with a Nicky Clarke Soft Wax on the ends to accentuate the layers and broken up feel.
  • Diffuse the hair for one minute on a cool setting; rubbing your fingers together on the mid lengths to ends.
  • You will now have a distressed look to the hair.
  • To finish, spray a small amount of Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray onto fingers and gently massage the top of the head but leaving flat, this will create frizz.