GET THE LOOK: Pre Oscars 2011

With the 2011 Academy Awards nearly upon us we take a look at what we think will be hot at this year’s Oscars. With that in mind we recently Videoed Nicky doing some of his favourite Hair Tutorials on how to get the best Red Carpet looks that he has done through the years on the likes of Sienna Miller, Frida Pinto and Mischa Barton. We also speak to Nicky Clarke to get his take on what Hair trends will be seen at the most eagerly anticipated Red Carpet event of the year.

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Last year we saw The ‘Relaxed Textured Up-do’ seen on Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Richie, Vera Farmigia and Rachael McAdams. When creating the Relaxed textured up do stick to these rules:

  • The face shape and dress are the most important things to consider, use your hair as an accessory, it is there to compliment a look not dominate it at such an event
  • If the neckline on the dress is really high and you have a low hairline, hair should be kept up
  • If you have a heavy eye lid, I would do a tight up-do or ponytail to give a mini facelift’

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Last year we also saw the ‘Old Hollywood Glamour, Veronica Lake‘ seen on Kate Winslet, Julianne Moore, Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bullock. When creating that old Hollywood style made timeless by Veronica Lake it’s important to stick to these rules:

  • Hair needs to be clean before prepping
  • Prep with the Hair with a volumising product, Nicky Clarke HairRaising is my product of choice
  • Spend time putting in a clean parting
  • Use the corner of the eye as a start point for your parting
  • Vary the direction of the parting, i.e straight or diagonal”

“Last year, Kate Winslet’s take on Veronica Lake was beautiful, I liked the movement on the ends of Sandra Bullock’s, it was her night so what she did had to work and it certainly did. I particularly liked what Sarah Jessica Parker did, using hairpieces wrapped around each other to create a bold interesting shape”.


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“This year we will see lots of ponytails, they have dominated the season catwalks and are a huge look for Spring summer 2011, even more so going into Autumn Winter 2011 as we saw on the runway at Gucci. The pony tail at Louis Vuitton was beauty in it’s entirety and glamour personified. There was something beautiful and seductive about the way the girls wore their ponytails, it was simple and girly but elegant and decadent at the same time, a look all women should aspire to. I was fond of what Scarlett Johansson did at the Golden Globes with her 1940’s inspired up-do. Hair is moving away from being so done, it should have some freeness to it, an ability to be touched that’s where the seductiveness and sexiness comes in the Red Carpet hair I work on”.

“With that said we will see a lot of up-do’s, this is everybody’s chance to shine and really dress to the occasion it’s the big one. There is something beautiful about a woman with her hair up, the exposing of the neck, the bare shoulders and top of the chest are all seductive, flirtatious parts of the body, this is hair working at its most powerful, creating a mood by not doing anything. I think we will see more small updo’s as seen on the runway at Louis Vuitton and Nina Ricci this season, Big overstyled hair, over hairsprayed looks simply aren’t working anymore and as I mentioned earlier you need to be able to touch the hair”.

“Expect to see Natalie Portman with an up-do, she will steal the show, Hilary Swank is gorgeous and looks great with her hair down. I’ve worked with Mischa Barton, Penelope Cruz and Frieda Pintorecently, below I show you how to get their red carpet look. I’ve broken down a few of the Hair Styles i expect to see on the Red Carpet at this years Oscars, have a watch they’re really simple and enjoy”.

Says Nicky Clarke