GET THE LOOK: Pippa Middleton

“She went in is a relatively unknown and came out as one of the most famous women in the world. Pippa Middleton’s Half Up Half Down hairstyle is a style we’ve seen many times before; a style that will stand the test of time and is really having its moment. She looked absolutely stunning in her Alexander McQueen dress. Her Hair piece was beautiful; it complemented the hair style as opposed to determining the hair style. Sculpted softness was how i would describe the tousled curls tumbling down her back. Similar to Kate Middleton, her sides were taken away exposing the Jewells and seductively showing off her neck.”


Hair needs to last the day. On the wedding day it was windy and there was chance of rain so building the hair up with guts was essential. After shampoo and conditioning, distribute Nicky Clarke Great Body Ultimate Mousse throughout the hair. Use a wide tooth comb to spread evenly.

  • Begin Power drying the hair to reduce moisture with a Nicky Clarke  desiRED professional AC Dryer
  • Go into the roots of the crown area and sides and direct Nicky Clarke Hair Raising to the roots for volume and lift. If hair is really soft, use a little spray on the mid lengths throughout for extra hold.
  • Using a vent brush, direct the hair away from the head and away from the face.
  • Hairline: Always clean up the hairline especially when  the hair is going up and/or away from the face. Take a small round brush and place at the roots of hair 1-2 inches in from the hairline and blow dry away from the head.
  • Once all the hairline has been blown out, in the opposite direction use a comb or brush on the hairline and move backwards and side to side directions to smoothen and flatten out any fly-aways
  • Work a smoothening cream through the lengths and ends to eradicate fly-aways and encourage separation when curled
  • Blow dry the hair with a flat paddle brush. There isn’t much volume within the look that isn’t created either by the movement of the curl or the backcombing below the crown; a paddle brush will smooth and straighten


  • Take a side parting level with the centre of the brow of the eye.
  • Using the parting as a guide, create a diamond section at the crown.
  • From the corners of the diamond section, section down to the top of the ear on each side. Grip away.
  • Remaining is the back of the head which you will now proceed to organically curl.
  • Lightly mist a heat-protection spray on each section of hair before curling to shield the hair against heat damage and offer shine and a little hold.
  • Randomly take sections of hair 3 inches in depth. There needs to be drag at the roots, most of the curl is on the last third of the hair. Wrap the hair around the barrel of a Nicky Clarke Detox and Purify Nano Silver Tong closing on the ends to ensure they’re not loose and don’t come out.
  • Once curled, let fall and cool naturally.
  • Continue this process throughout the back, alternating each direction the curl will fall on each section.
  • Using a large curling tong, begin tonging the diamond section, wrapping around the barrel as has previously been done. However this time you are curling from the root, place the tong at the root and wrap the hair around. Instead of allowing the curl to fall, comb it through and wrap around 3 fingers, gripping in to secure.
  • With only the sides remaining, using a large curling tong, wrap the hair around the barrel allowing to cool naturally by leaving down.
  • Once all the hair has cooled remove the grips from the top section and backcomb the roots for height.
  • Brush the hair downwards and place large grips below where the hair piece is.
  • Take the curls individually and pin into circle shapes where the grips are. Do this with all the hair that has fallen from the diamond section. This creates a point of interest within the style but also an anchor to secure the hair piece.
  • Comb the sides back and twist into the back, gripping into the backcombing of the top section, repeat on opposite side.
  • Hair Piece: The hair accessory will come with a clip or grip attached. Make sure it is securely gripped to the head, ideally where the backcombing is.
  • Look at the hair from a side profile. Note the importance of the height at the crown to balance out the Hair accessory.
  • To finish the hair, apply a lightweight Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray for shine and separation. Using your fingertips, loosen up the curls at the back.