GET THE LOOK: Nicole Richie

The hair needs some substance and strength to last whilst up so prep the hair using Nicky Clarke Great Body Ultimate Mousse from the roots to ends.

Power dry the product into the hair using a Nicky Clarke 200w Frizz Control Dryer, gently running a boar bristle brush over each section to smooth out any frizz but maintain the volume in hair.

Divide the hair into 3 sections

1. The fringe area and the hairline to the top of the ear

2. The crown area in a diamond section to the just above the occipital bone

3. Lastly, the final section should be the remaining sides and back of the head

Begin (section 1) by smoothening the fringe with a brush and dryer to get a little volume, if you want it straighter, use a Nicky Clarke desiRED straightener. Use your fingers to pull out tendrils around the face infront of the ears.

Gather the hair at the crown (section 2) begin to backcomb from the roots to the mid lengths, this will swell the hair giving it much needed bulk, the thicker your hair the less backcombing.

With all the hair tightly in your hand, apply a bunjee cord and secure into a ponytail. Gently brush the ponytail out wrapping around your hand and pin into the hair.

Work around the back of the head (section3) working horizontally and gently tease the roots, add some Nicky Clarke Tease Me for extra volume.

Split the back section into two and brush the remaining hair up the head gathering the sides as you brush upwards. The backcombing will give you volume but also strength which is imperitive.

As you get to the sides of the head begin twisting the sections of hair and grip in.

When both sections reach the middle twist them around each other and grip in infront of the top bun at the crown.

Finish with Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray