GET THE LOOK: Michelle Williams

“In my opinion Michelle Williams is the one of a handful of young actresses who can be refereed to as starlets, that there looks will stand the test of time. She has the most magnificent, striking looks. She is Old Hollywood Glamour, young and edgy, cute and sexy all rolled into one. For me, it all transcends from her short sleek elfin crop. Seen here at the Venice Film Festival she unveils a new ice blonde colour that suits her pale complexion perfectly and the elfin hair cut frames her dolly face wonderfully.

The most important aspect to this hairstyle is getting a great haircut. You must consider three key aspects when getting this absolutely right: Face Shape, Skin complexion and Hair Colour.


  • You will see the hair looks quite matte and natural, there isn’t too much fuss. It’s because there has been very little product applied when dry as a finisher. So, you have to get the product in when the hairs wet.
  • Use a leave in conditioner to soften the hair.
  • Work a sculpting soufflé through the hair and begin drying on a medium heat.
  • Using a vent brush, brush the hair from side to side in opposite directions.
  • Follow the head shape to create a natural shape to the hair and remember to direct the hair downwards in the direction of the neck when at the back.
  • Use your fingers to twist the ends of the fringe so it kicks out a little.
  • When the hair gets almost dry, you will have a good idea of where the hair is parting.
  • Don’t do a parting, let the hair naturally sweep over.


The shape needs to be tight around the hairline with width around the top. If you can’t get the hair to be smooth, take a large brush and blow dry the hair in a round shape to smoothen and create shape.