GET THE LOOK: Men’s Hair Crown Sharpness

At the moment men’s hair is great, with an evolving style and lots of choice from one key aspect which I would describe as crown sharpness!

Crown sharpness – tight at the crown blending through to different gradients to the fringe, depending on the look, straight and curly work.

Crown sharpness incorporates all your key men’s styles for 2012. From Brit-rock indie to your rockabilly Quiff, they all start with a sharp tight crown and then deviate from this into your desired look!

All these styles have evolved from the idea of the crown being tighter and sharper than the front creating a very versatile and changeable hairstyle from one key aspect that works well for all hair types.

The key for versatility is to use product. For a curly/textured look run Nicky Clarke Great Body Ultimate Mousse through the hair and dry it with a Nicky Clarke 2000W Frizz Control Dryer with a diffuser. To add further texture and an edge, run your hands through to the ends and pull to one side creating further definition. Sprinkle Nicky Clarke Tease Me through your hair and use your finger and thumb to really tease the ends for ultimate texture!

There are so many options and variations of this look but they all start with the aspect of a tighter sharper crown graduating into a longer front section, which gives you many options to keep changing the style of your current haircut!