GET THE LOOK: Male Hair Trends

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1. Bouffant

The Gents blow out is having it’s moment more than ever, regularly seen on the runway at Men’s Fashion week, this hair style has become the most accessible for men and requires very little time. Men have become accustomed to using a hair dryer and brush, this just requires a roll of the fringe or a roller through the front. Hair needs to be able to move and have fluidity that you get that 80’s ‘floppy’ feel from. To make this look work the sides and back need to be short. Separation, movement and height are what set this look apart, product on dry hair isn’t necessarry as it needs to look clean. Prep hair when wet using a Nicky Clarke Great Body Ultimate Mousse and blow dry into the hair coming away from the face, allow the fringe to set for 30 seconds by either leaving the brush in or with a self grip roller.

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2. Finger wave

The positioning of the parting is essential, the left hand side of the head is commonly known as the most masculine. As seen on the runway for Autumn Winter Mens Collections, Etro and D&G exemplified this rapidly rising trend, with their deep side partings and manicured ends that encourage curl. An extra point of interest is the sides becoming shorter, the side that is parted needs to be perfectly groomed which encourage more drama on the opposite side. Gels are vital to create this texture that sets the tone and feeling. Use Nicky Clarke Instant Calmer to achieve the Wet Gel look without having your hair feel stiff and rigid.

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3. Pompadour

The 50’s quiffs we saw on the runway at Versace for aw 2012 Mens Collections have transcended to main stream with ease, with David Beckham and Bruno Mars muses for such a trend. Over stating and masculininty is the key, drama is essential for this to work. Prep the hair using Nicky Clarke Hair Raising for substance and control. Set the hair away from the face with rollers. gently tease the roots to encourage volume. Finish with Nicky Clarke Control Shine Shaping Cream and copious amounts of Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray

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