“Lady GaGa’s changing wardrobe and ‘that meat dress’ stole all the plaudits at the MTV VMA Awards 2010; second to that was her Wig!

Lady GaGa can wear absolutely any hairstyle but I for one really liked this. It’s a lace front wig that was pre-coloured numerous times and then tonged. Lace front wigs are incredibly expensive, about 500GBP a piece and the best ones are from Hairaisers; this is where I get mine from.

Read on for how to prep and set the wig or just skip to the part where I explain how to get the style. Signature Colourist, Carl Dawson tells you how to get GaGa’s great colour too.”


For the Wig

Rinse the wig without getting the inside lace wet; you’re not trying to wash it, you just want to remove that silkiness out of the hair that it’s kept in to remain fresh.

“To achieve this colour, you first need to tone the mid lenths and roots of the hair with Arctic Silver and then blend the ends in with Ice Blue tips.”

Says Carl Dawson, Signature Colourist, Nicky Clarke

  • When wet, apply a generous amount of Nicky Clarke Great Body Ultimate Mousse throughout and really build the hair up in product so it has some substance.
  • Work a thermo active spray to give more hold and love to the hair.
  • You will now need a dolls head to pin the wig on to.
  • Power dry the hair, reducing 50% of the moisture content.
  • Take small sections of hair and begin blow drying with a paddle brush remembering to be gentle with the hair.
  • Blow dry downwards and not too far away from the head.
  • Take a clean centre parting and comb flat.
  • With the hair now feeling stronger, take large sections of hair and spray over a light heat defence spray.
  • Then wrap around the curling tong, feed through and make sure the ends are tucked in.
  • Continue Tonging the hair and take your sections vertically working around the head.
  • Making sure each is even in density.
  • Once you drop the curl from the tongs, brush through with a large jumbo comb.
  • Place the bone of the hand connecting to the little finger and place onto the hair where the curl bends inwards.
  • Then place a tissue onto the hair and slide a silver clip onto the tissue (this is so you don’t mark the hair)
  • You should have three sliver clips placed on each section


  • You need to do what’s known as a ‘wrap’ with your hair wet. Ideally using a gel, take a circular section of hair at the crown and put into a pin curl.
  • This is where you’ll wrap around and pivot from the centre of your head.
  • Take a 1 inch section of hair and comb tightly to the head around the hair taking another 1 inch section from the crown to the hairline.
  • Continue this all the way around until all the head is wrapped like an Egyptian Mummy’s bandages (that’s the way i always think of it!)
  • With one hand on the head, hold the ends down. With your other hand, slide large grips in to hold into place.
  • You are now left with a pin curl on top of the head. Take it out and fold the section down to the nape of the head.
  • Use the pintail of a pintail comb and place on the hair. Where it rests, slide a grip across to hold into place.
  • Pull up the remaining hair tightly – remembering to keep a finger on the grip so it doesn’t move – and grip the ends into place on the top of the head.