GET THE LOOK: Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson seen here at the American Music Awards 2010 drops a beautifully styled chin length bobbed shape.

The emphasis of the look is centred on the front barrel curl. It’s a nod to the 70’s flick which is becoming more prominent going into 2011. It’s a really easy quick look to achieve and can be great fun to do.


  • Smoothing the hair out and drying shiny and clean with no kinks is essential.
  • When conditioning, leave the conditioner on for 5 minutes and comb through; this will make hair softer for drying.
  • Comb a Smoothening Cream/balm throughout the hair, distributing evenly.
  • Starting at the back, blow dry the hair straight with a large round brush.
  • Keep the roots flat and aim for more body mid lengths to ends. Pull the brush straight from the roots and begin bending in circular motions from the mid lengths and slightly bending the ends under to create a rounder shape without root lift.
  • Before you get to the crown, take a Triangular Section from the crown to the recession area and pin away.
  • Everything underneath this section should now be blow dried smoothly and bending under.
  • Triangle Section: Notice the hair comes forward from the back, there are no partings. It is blow dried forward and swept over. Taking horizontal sections blow dry hair downwards. Work from the front to back.
  • Go over hair with a paddle brush to smoothen out and keep flat at the roots.


  • The mid-lengths to ends now need to be curled into large barrel curls that curl away from the face to create that 70’s feel. It’s literally the last 25% of the hair that needs the wave.
  • Take a triangular section as done before and pin away, as this section will be curled last.
  • Begin at the sides by taking large horizontal sections and pull away from the head.
  • Spray with a Nicky Clarke Curling Tong Spritz to protect and give a little hold.
  • Place a large curling tong downwards facing the floor. Pull the hair out and wrap around the barrel of the tong so the hair is on the outside of the tong. Close the tong and catch the ends of the hair. Roll it back on itself, hold into place for a few seconds and release.
  • Continue to work around the head. When the curl is released, leave it to cool and set; don’t brush yet.
  • Continue the process on the opposite side.
  • With all the hair now tonged and cooling, go to the Triangular Section and create the barrel curl.
  • Gently mist a little Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray over the section and comb forward with a large tooth comb.
  • Take the whole section in your hands and place a medium curling tong onto the top of the hair. Wrap the hair over the tong and away from your hands in a round shape.
  • *NOTE: Make sure all the hair is in the tong and the ends have been held into place.
  • Release the tong, comb out and wrap around 2 fingers. Pin the hair into a pin curl again away from the face and resting on the hairline.
  • Use a silver clip or Kirby grip to pin into place.
  • Allow to set for a few seconds.
  • Take a bristle brush; ideally a Mason and Pearson and brush all the hair gently out.
  • Run a Nicky Clarke Serum through for a little shine.
  • Release the pins from the front and brush out. Place your finger where the curl curls back on itself and spray with Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray for hold.
  • Use your finger tips to delicately pull the curl down and away from the face, sort of stretching it out.