I’ve been asked by many of you to explain the look of something a little different and daring, most of the time these looks can get a little complicated for you to do at home but Ke$ha seen here at the American Music Awards, is a really easy and individual look to achieve. I love her studded eyebrows, i don’t feel the hair has been executed well but i get the feeling, it’s striking and most definitely something you can do at home…..get your hairspray ready!


  • Comb what’s known as a ‘C Curvature’ section. This is basically a curved section from just below the recession line that travels in a curve over the ear to the back of the head one inch in. It leaves the centre of the head out.
  • Clip away the centre.
  • Go around the hairline with a bristle brush or comb – this is important as it will clean the exposed hairline. Go against the direction of the hair.
  • Working at the sides, work through a Nicky Clarke Great Body Ultimate Mousse to give hold and power dry.
  • You want a really distressed texture so don’t blow dry the hair smooth, just leave it when it’s dry and comb through.
  • Take a large curling Tong and in two large sections wrap the hair around the barrel.
  • Do the same on the opposite side.
  • Brush out the curl and you will notice a slight wave in the hair; this is all you want. We’re just adding texture and movement here.
  • Go over the ends if they aren’t slightly curled, by clamping the tong on the ends and turn inwards.


  • Spray Nicky Clarke Hair Raising into the hair for an editorial distressed texture. Then blast the hair dry.Layer the hair with Dry Shampoo or Sea Salt spray to get that Matte texture.
  • Take large sections and tong the hair around the barrel catching the ends. You will notice the movement in Ke$ha’s hair at the front.
  • Brush the curls out and begin backcombing from roots to ends.
  • Continue backcombing throughout the top section and down to the back.
  • You want to keep some of that messy airy texture that you get with backcombing so lightly brush over.
  • Take a section horizontally and hold the hair up high by the ends. Brush upwards – whilst still holding into place – and spray Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray to really secure.
  • Continue this process to the back; this gives the hair the height.
  • Use lots of Hairspray so it stays strong and in place.


  • Take the sides in one section and backcomb the roots.Now split the section in two.
  • Spray Hairspray onto your brush and brush up into the centre. Rest your finger where you meet the top sections and weave grips into the hair
  • Do the same with the other section and on the opposite side.
  • The grips will now be visible. With the mid-lengths and ends of the side sections, backcomb and spray.
  • Using pins, fold back the mid lengths and ends on itself to secure to the middle.
  • Use fingertips to twist the ends and personalise.
  • Finish with Hairspray or Dry Shampoo for a more matte texture