GET THE LOOK: Katy Perry

Katy Perry seen here at the MTV VMA’s 2012 bucked the ever growing pastel colour trend modernising her 1940’s inspired look with a soft baby pink colour.


-When your hair is wet take your side parting. Use the bridge of the eyebrow as a guide, the deeper the side part the more period it will be.

-Apply Nicky Clarke Ultimate Strength Mousse, distributing evenly with a jumbo comb from roots to ends.

-Blast the hair to remove moisture elevating the hair away from the roots.

-Working horseshoe sections from the nape of the neck, blow dry with a medium round brush, slightly turning the ends under creating more volume within the shape.

-Take a ½ inch curling iron and take 2 inch sections and curl the hair. Enter the tong in at the roots and give it a half turn, keep threading the hair through allowing the hair to wind up the barrel and catch the ends in the iron.

-Once curled, use a silver clip to secure in place. Make sure the barrel curl is perfectly formed in a circular shape.


-Let the curls set for approximately 15 minutes and remove the clips.

-Brush the hair through using a bristle brush, don’t just brush out. Do it in a slow controlled manner and slightly turn under.

-After brushing you will see a wave forming in the hair. When the waves dip in, slide a large silver clip over the hair. Continue this throughout making sure it’s all in line with how you want to see the curl.

-Leave to set for 5 minutes and remove clips.

-Finish with Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Hairspray.

-To create the final touch, take a one inch strand of hair and pin back with a vintage hairpiece and secure with a bobby pin.