GET THE LOOK: Kate Winslet

“Keeping in trend with the modern day Veronica Lake inspired “Old Hollywood” look that was prominent at the Oscars 2010, Kate Winslet stole the show again for the second year running with another timeless classic. Her hair length is a sexy mid-length, between collarbone and breasts; this is really big for 2010. Also, notice the outline shape. It is absolutely perfect and embodies strength.”


  1. This look needs a lot of love. It has to last all night looking like this so preparation is key.
  2. Start by applying Nicky Clarke Great Body Ultimate Mousse. Use a tennis ball size amount and comb through evenly with a large comb.
  3. Liberally apply Nicky Clarke Instant Calmer too in order to control any frizz.
  4. Make a straight side parting, level with the centre of the eye.
  5. Using a round brush, blow dry the hair at a 90 degree angle away from the head. This will help to create shape and volume.
  6. Once each section is complete, pin it up around itself to let it cool down. Carry on this process throughout the hair until dry and remembering to keep the parting in place.
  7. Remove the clips and brush the hair through.


  1. Take a diamond section at the top of head from the side parting to the opposite temple.
  2. Taking two inch sections starting at the hairline, mist Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray onto the hair.
  3. Using a one inch curling iron, curl the hair away from the face straight to the other side.
  4. Brush it through and then wrap around two fingers and pin into place.
  5. You will notice the diamond section on the top of head is wider at the front and moves into a point at the back.
  6. Repeat the curling technique to the tip of the diamond
  7. Using the same size sections and tong, begin curling at the hairline and follow around head elevating to 90 degrees and pin into place.
  8. Allow the curls to cool and set for 20 minutes.
  9. Once all pins are removed, gently brush each section individually into place.
  10. Once all the hair has been brushed, mist Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray onto your brush and mould into place.
  11. Use your fingers to perfect the fringe or slide a silver clip on top of a piece of tissue in order to sculpt some bend at the edges.