GET THE LOOK: Kate Bosworth’s Big Barrel Curls

Kate Bosworthalways looks polished and contemporary, blonde really is her colour! I’m loving her take on the brushed out one-sided big barrel curls seen at Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s a/w09 show. The beauty of this classic look is that it suits all face shapes and hair types, softly framing and flattering the face. As a general rule, the thicker your hair, the more bounce you will get.”


  1. For naturally styled soft waves, begin with a shampoo that will clean the hair without weighing it down yet still resulting in volume. Use Nicky Clarke Volume Shampoo and Nicky Clarke Volume Conditioner.
  2. Before you start to dry the hair, it is important to comb it through with a wide tooth comb.
  3. Now you need to apply some product. Squirt a golf ball amount of Nicky Clarke Great Body Ultimate Mousse into your hand and apply from root to ends using a wide tooth comb. Be generous with the product as the hair needs to be heavy to be molded into shape.
  4. Remove the nozzle from your hairdryer and begin blast drying using your fingers to pull hair away from the head whilst aiming the hairdryer at the roots. This will enforce natural volume at the roots.
  5. When your hair is 90% dry you need to incorporate a round bristle brush to complete the next few steps to drying your hair
  6. Take large sections beginning around the face.
  7. Blow dry your hair at a 90 degree angle from the head and rotate the brush towards the ends to tuck them under. Continue until it is 100% dry.
  8. Continue this action around the rest of your head.
  9. Note: When doing your hair yourself, it is important to start around the front areas when drying because if you get rushed then it will be the back areas which will suffer slightly. Most hair styles are all about styling and shaping around the face so its these areas which you should always prioritize.
  10. Brush the hair through and you will already notice some movement.


  1. To really get this look, you need to use heated rollers. Nicky Clarke Classic Compact Rollers are perfect for this. It is important to wind sections of hair in three key areas of the head:
    • Down either side of the head
    • One row going backwards from the forehead, over the crown and down the nape of the neck.
  2. To insert a roller, take a three inch section and brush at a 90 degree angle from the head. Spray some Nicky Clarke Hair Raising onto your hair approximately 15 centimeters away from your head and insert the heated roller 75% of the way down the hair. Wrap the ends over and tuck them in to hold onto.
  3. Wind the roller upto the head and secure with a pin
  4. Note: when fixing the roller around the ears, slide some tissue between ear and roller to prevent burning your skin.
  5. Let them set for as long as possible – 30 minutes is ideal.
  6. Remove the rollers by starting underneath and loosen the curl by combing through with a brush.
  7. Create a low side parting
  8. Tuck one side behind your ear.
  9. To finish mist Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray onto your brush and gently brush into shape.
  10. Exaggerate the pin curl shaping around the face by carefully placing silver sectioning clips. Place over a tissue to avoid markings.