GET THE LOOK: Jessica Lowndes

Recently I was tasked with styling Jessica Lowndes’ hair whilst she was staying in London: you can read the story here. There’s nothing more I like than writing a Get The Look of one of my own looks!

Seen here at the Lypsy party, this was widely considered the most popular of her hair styles so here you go: my Get The Look on the Beverley Hills 90210 star, Jessica Lowndes.

I only had 30 minutes to do her hair whilst she was getting ready and having her make up worked on – not a lot of time – so of course this influences how you will be dressing the hair.


  • With the hair dry, I sprayed Nicky Clarke Hair Raising – this gives the hair lots of guts without making it sticky – from Roots to mid lengths working from the back in small diagonal sections to the front.
  • Lightly cover the ends with a Smoothing cream to add shine and control by pulling the hair into a ponytail and twisting to encourage the hair to quench the product.
  • Using your fingers, pull the hair away from the head to encourage natural volume, don’t use a brush.
  • Jessica’s hair is really healthy so was already smooth. Blow dry with a flat large paddle brush, taking large sections working at the sides, top and back in that order. Keep the hair as smooth and as flat as possible on the mid lengths and ends.
  • With the hair dry and smooth begin using the Nicky Clarke Professional Flexi Stylers
  • Using your fingers, create a parting 3 inches in depth from the hairline in the centre of the head, keep it really informal.
  • This next part may sound a little complicated but it’s actually really easy. I sectioned the hair off using my fingers into four parts.
  • First section: The top which is a diamond section around the crown where you want the volume.
  • Second section: The bottom of the diamond to behind both ears.
  • Third and Fourth sections: The sides, grip each side away
  • Begin at the back and take random large sections, no more than 4 at the back, and wind the Flexi Styler.

The direction of the curl is dependant on how the flexi styler is wound in. For instance if you want the curl to curl away from the face you will curl the hair towards the face when wrapping around the Flexi Styler.

  • Differentiate the movement in the hair by putting the Flexi Stylers in at different directions as stated above.
  • Use one Flexi Styler per side, making sure the curl goes away from the face so wind forward.
  • The top section needs a lot of root drag. You are going to drag the whole section to the point at the back where you want the movement and begin curling around the Flexi Styler.
  • Allow all the hair to cool


  • Remove the Flexi Stylers one by one and comb them out individually using a large rake comb
  • Use fingers to delicately separate tendrils to make it look a little more soft.
  • With only the top remaining remove the Flexi Styler and begin teasing the roots.
  • Once the roots are teased, take the whole section and tease the mid lengths.
  • Push the hair back on itself just below the crown creating a protrusion, this will now be the anchor for you to grip the hair into.
  • The key point to this style is the separation from the sides to the lift at the crown, note mid section. This will get pulled back and gripped in to cover the backcombing
  • To finish pull tendrils out from around the face and use shine spray