GET THE LOOK: Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain has been a prominent figure at the Cannes Film Festival 2012, regularly changing her look from one extreme to the other. This particular look reminiscent of Old Hollywood glamour and Veronica Lake is sumptuous in every way. If pressed this is probably my favourite red carpet look, it’s timeless. Beautiful, classy, chic and endearing all in one. Jessica Chastain has kept it youthful and vibrant, how striking and radiant does her colour look! I always favour doing this hair on a red head and even more so on somebody younger. What’s vital for this hair style to work, is the usage of correct products. At Nicky Clarke we have become synonymous with red carpet hair over the years meaning our products must stand up to the rigors of backstage and red carpet styling…so you’re in luck!


-Wash the hair using Nicky Clarke Volume Shampoo, which will lift, thicken and add shine, a perfect base to begin prepping with

-Gently Condition using a Nicky Clarke Volume Conditioner to gently soften the hair whilst maintaining its thickness

-Dry the moisture out of the hair

-Apply Nicky Clarke Great Body Ultimate Mousse from the roots to the ends, evenly combing it through section by section

-Apply Nicky Clarke Instant Calmer liberally through the hair, this will offer more shine and more importantly eradicate any fizziness when heat styling

-Using a small round brush, smooth out the hairline by blow drying sternly into the rest of the hair, you are aiming to get it straight

NOTE: We always do this on any hair, the hairline should always be clean and smooth never disjointed from the rest of the hair. This is a more professional way of working, adding value to the hair style

-Begin drying the product into the hair until about 70% dry

-Using a medium round brush, smooth the hair down section by section ensuring the ends are always slightly turned under


-Using the brow of the eye as your guide, take a diagonal parting to just in front of the crown

-Take a triangular section half way up that parting and comb across to the top of the brow of the opposite eye, this is your fringe section

-Apply Nicky Clarke Classic Compact Rollers – Bring the hair out at 90 degrees from the forehead and wrap the hair around the roller ensuring it’s flat then keep on wrapping to the ends, give it a turn to make sure the ends are flatly covered by the hair and roll back on itself. Use the clips from in the pack. NOTE: Don’t sit the roller on its own base, sit it on the forehead, it will be protected from a little hair at the hairline but if it gets hot then place a tissue underneath to protect

-Your next section needs to join with the corner of the previous one and pivot from where the first section began; this is your pivoting point. Done correctly, on a diagonal side parting it will match up with the back of the parting. Apply the heated roller, again ensuring the top section has root drag and it isn’t sitting on its own base

-Take a vertical section on the opposite side of the head to the top of the ear, pull the roots downwards, root drag, and apply the roller sitting on the hairline

-Continue working in diamond sections around the head

-Allow the rollers to cool, use a hair net if necessary and leave for approximately 15mins

-Once the rollers have cooled gently take them out and you will see a barrel curl fall down, take them out section by section one on top of the other and using a large wide tooth comb, comb the hair downwards. You’re not looking for volume just for movement.

-You will notice the curls start forming, place large silver clips on to the hair to accentuate the shape, this is done free hand, don’t be scared of touching the hair

-Comb the hair over the one shoulder and continue placing the large silver clips in up to the hairline to the fringe

-When you are ready take all the clips out

-Finish by misting Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray through and follow with the comb to get that sleek complete finish