GET THE LOOK: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is one of young Hollywood’s hottest stars and she’s one of our hair icons. Jen is a hair chameleon and her rise to fame has seen her hairstyle change for almost every red carpet attend. We’re huge fans of Jennifer as she’s not afraid to change her style, she would make the perfect client!

Since she first shot to fame in Winter’s Bone and hit the Oscar’s red carpet in that red Calvin Klein dress. Not only were we blown away by her performance but we also fell in love with her bouncy blow dry and gorgeous shade of blonde. If you haven’t quite yet mastered the art of blow drying then you can achieve a similar look by using the Nicky Clarke Waving Wand, taking different size sections of hair and wrapping them round the wand, once hair has cooled down run your fingers through your hair and finish by using Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray to secure your style but still allow the hair to move.

By the time she shot to fame for her leading role in the Hunger Games, Jennifer had updated her look by adding in a fringe. Jen’s fringe worked perfectly for her, complimenting her eyes and drawing attention to those killer cheekbones.

Recently Jennifer has gone much shorter than we’ve ever seen, we’ve seen her with a chin length bob but we weren’t expecting her to go for a crop. Is the crop the new “It” hairstyle over the past few months we’ve seen more and more celebrities opting for this daring style – Miley Cyrus, Pamela Anderson, Kristen Chenoweth and now Jennifer Lawrence. It’s such a statement style and we have to say that we are loving Jen’s new look.  Her long fringe adds a feminine edge to what can be a more masculine style.