GET THE LOOK: Jennifer Anniston’s Hairline Braid

Jennifer Anniston has certainly become a global ‘Hair Icon’ over the years. Seen here at the 2010 Oscars, Jennifer once again sets a trend for many to follow with this gorgeous girly hairline braid.

What makes this look work is the un-fussiness of the rest of her hair. It’s a good length with great colour that complements her skin tone perfectly. Nothing is too loud or too done that will make the hair look ‘busy’ and ultimately take the focus away from the focal point, the braid.”


  1. Work a serum through towel dried hair. Be careful not to overload the hair with the product, it should look natural yet polished.
  2. Power dry the hair to around 80% dry using your fingers to run through the hair.
  3. Take random large sections and dry with a paddle brush. This won’t add too much volume and will get the lengths and ends sleek.
  4. Dry all the hair back. Don’t be afraid to keep running your fingers through your hair. You will notice your hair is starting to shine and will be much smoother


  1. The next few steps are creating the Plait.
  2. Using a pin tail comb to section off for the braid – on the side your hair naturally falls or is more comfortable to wear – start you section level with the middle of your eye.
  3. Take a section from that point in a triangle shape to two inches depth which you can then carry level with the top of your ear.
  4. Note: It is important the section is clean.
  5. Then just do a normal French Plait on the head to the end of the section. This secures it in place. Do it tight, you can always go back and loosen it out at the end when styling.
  6. The next step is to take large sections around the face. Using a large barrel tongue gently wrap the hair around the barrel. Release the hair immediately and run your fingers through.
  7. The hair should divide from the middle at the crown which makes this style look more balanced
  8. The odd curl doesn’t have to be pulled out so much – look at Jennifer’s right hand side. As you can see, only a small amount of hair is required to cover the end of the head plait in order to make it look neat.
  9. When returning to finish your plait, you will notice there is some hair remaining at the end. You still need to plait this but not on the head. You need bands at the ends and discreetly grip at the occipital bone of your head (the occipital bone is the bone is the protruding bone at the back of you head)
  10. There will be lots of hair to fall on top and cover the bands and grips. The charmingness of this look is that you can throw your hair around and you will see the plait through the hair.