GET THE LOOK: Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani wore her hair in many different ways throughout the Cannes Film Festival, however this was my favourite. A distinct nod to the 70s disco era fusion Studio 54 with contemporary Hollywood glamour:  70s Throwback. A key look on the runway for Spring Summer 2011 seen at Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Sonia Rykiel.

The look is made to look more contemporary by leaving it flatter on top. Don’t discount the relevance of the deep side part and the twist just off the front. They subtly blende the harshness of the top with the freeness at the sides whilst adding a point of interest.


  • Load the hair with Nicky Clarke Great Body Ultimate Mousse, combing through to distribute evenly.
  • Blow dry the hair using a medium round brush.
  • Once you reach the sides leave enough root drag, drying the hair away from the face a little flatter.
  • The top section is very important. It must be flat but straight. Blow dry using a larger brush. All the ends should be turned under.
  • Using the brow of the eye as a guide, make a parting back to the crown area
  • Section off the back by creating a ‘radial’ parting; crown area to top of ears.
  • Using a small curling iron take two inch sections beginning at the bottom and curl; making sure the ends are caught in.
  • Wind the curl around one finger and grip into a barrel curl to set
  • Continue to the ear level
  • Once above the ears and working on each section, a further one inch of root drag is needed to keep it flatter on top.
  • When working on the sides, pull the hair back and again curl pinning  in.
  • On the opposite side to the parting take the curls up to the recession area and set across leaving only the top of that section with root drag.
  • Comb the rest of the top to the side and begin curling.
  • Pin in and curl
  • Comb a triangle section about two inches from the hairline and parting across, this will be for the twist.


  • Starting at the back, remove the pins and back brush the roots of each section.
  • Continue this to the back of each ear.
  • Continue removing the grips but this time you are only gently teasing the roots with one or two pushes back then leaving the last section without backcombing
  • Use fingers to separate curls
  • Using a bristle brush, smoothen the top section to eradicate any frizz.
  • Use Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray on the lower side to brush back.
  • Twist the section and grip in either side of the twist to secure.
  • Comb out the remaining curls
  • The opposite side again requires back brushing at the roots and more gentle the further up you go.
  • Hairspray the top of the head and comb out. Light gel is also good to use on the top section if used sparingly and delicately.
  • To get the twist at the front, use the pads of your fingers and thumb and begin twisting from the front twist into a knot that stands on itself and grip in.
  • Finish with Hairspray and shine spray without touching too much. Just make sure the top section is clean.