GET THE LOOK: Floral Wedding Hair Design

Flowers that work perfectly with wedding hair include lilies, roses and the magical baby breath, or daisies for a boho look. Roses are probably the most popular with so many shapes, sizes and colours to choose from and with a hard stem that is essential for hair pieces. Spray roses are my favourite and I insert pins through the stem to ensure that they stay in place. A good dash of Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray – keeping the flower heads covered with my palms – holds the whole look in place.

The main thing to remember is that its not as simple as just whacking a rose in! You have to take into consideration the dress design, the style that you want and the colour scheme.

I’ll take you through three wedding looks that work well with flowers.

Low Chignon

For a great soft vintage look, a very loose chignon secured at the nape of the neck makes a stunning background for adding either one large rose or a spattering of miniature spray roses.

Simple French Roll

Very Audrey Hepburn  and sophisticated – the French pleat rolls smoothly up to one side and spray roses can be pinned down one side of the pleat to create a beautiful silhouette. This is a strong, neat and sophisticated look.

Half Up

60/70% of my clients choose a ‘half hair down’ style. The trick is not to choose something that isn’t you. If you only ever wear your hair down, you might feel a bit uncomfortable with a complete up-do.

My favourite look for any age of bride is this look where you have a waterfall of curls cascading down your back and a small section of hair pinned to your lower crown area of the neck with loose curls framing the face. You can pin a selection of different size roses and even go a bit crazy with some metallic sprays to give a more glitzy feel.

For a Grecian look use roses and lilies, for a more vintage look use baby breath. I love the boho-style, where the hair is down and has a tousled look with a crown of woven roses resting delicately on the head. This also works for bridesmaids. I don’t recommend this for older my older brides as it is a very young look, but it’s very Kate Moss!