GET THE LOOK: Flexi Stylers

A personal favourite of Nicky’s, the Nicky Clarke Professional Flexi Stylers are extremely versatile and can create many different looks from a tight curl to a sexy wave, meaning you can be ultra creative with your finished look. This unique product has stood the test of time and contains 18 Flexi Stylers, perfect for any hair length and type.

– Take a deep side parting and use the first section as a guide – pivot from this point

– Take your first section and apply the flexi, the size of the section is dependant on hair density and the type of curl you want; spiral curl small sections, large wave – large sections. If you want the curl to come forward you are going to wrap the hair away from the face. Use the left hand to hold the flexi, wrap the hair around and on every turn hold the hair and flexi in your right hand to ensure the hair does not twist as you go round. Once you get to the end, release the slackness give it a half turn and capture the ends.

– Always ensure the ends are tucked in to avoid fish hooks and ensure quality

– Continue round the head in the same direction if you want a marcel wave

– Finish with fingers or a rake comb. A rake comb will enable you to work the hair in a more structured fashion.