GET THE LOOK: Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger, seen here at the Cannes Film Festival 2012 is a hair favourite at Nicky Clarke. She can regularly be relied upon to produce something beautiful and more importantly different on the red carpet. She is often the first person I will look to to see what she has done, she always has one eye on what’s relevant on the runway which I really like.

Here at Cannes she has paired her beautiful blue Giambattista Valli gown with a contemporary knotted updo. However, the knot isn’t a simple basic one it has a little detail and that shell shaped bun that fan’s out which catches your eye.

That said it can be achieved really easily…


– Wash the hair using Nicky Clarke Volume Shampoo, which will lift, thicken and add shine, a perfect base to begin prepping with

– Gently Condition using a Nicky Clarke Volume Conditioner to gently soften the hair whilst maintaining its thickness.

– Blast the moisture out of the hair to about 50%

– Apply Nicky Clarke Great Body Ultimate Mousse from the roots to the ends, evenly combing it through section by section

– Dry the mousse into the hair until it’s about 80% dry

– Apply Nicky Clarke Instant Calmer liberally through the hair, this will offer more shine and more importantly eradicate any frizzyness when blow drying and putting hair up

– Using a small round brush, smooth out the hairline by blow drying sternly into the rest of the hair, you are aiming to get it straight.

NOTE We always do this on any hair, the hairline should always be clean and smooth never disjointed from the rest of the hair. This is a more professional way of working and adds value to the hair style.

– Using your fingers pull the hair away from the roots and direct the hair dryer at the roots, this will encourage volume

– Once the hair is dry and the product has been absorbed into the hair begin blow drying large sections with a round brush. You don’t want to lose volume but just smoothen it out

– The hair is now dry, take a large rake comb and begin to move the hair about


– Take all the hair into a ponytail that sits at the back of the head and just above the ear in the center

– Using the pads of your fingers, pull onto the hair on top of the head, this will loosen and create more natural volume

– Take a 2 inch section of hair from the ponytail, this will be used to wrap around the hairband/bunjee cord used to tighten the ponytail

– You are now going to create the shell shape bun. Do this by gently backcombing the interior of the ponytail i.e. work from the top of the ponytail

– When backcombing has been completed, on your last section tease it just a little, this will be the underneath of the ponytail. Take all the hair into your hair and brush smooth both sides.

– The ponytail will now have lots of volume and be easily molded into a shape, wrap the ponytail around your fingers and roll into the back of your head

– To get the shell shape, spread it wider using your thumbs, secure into place using fine pins

– Finish with Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray