GET THE LOOK: Chic Plaited Low Chignon

“This chic plaited low chignon epitomises all the things a woman should aspire to; decadence, glamour, control, sexy and all done in a few minutes.
As we are right in the middle of award season, I wanted to create something glamorous for the woman at home that she could go on and do easily using the tools she has at her disposal. Plaiting is an easy technique, one that most women learn at an early age. This hair style takes that technique on a ponytail base that is then subdivided into two sections and wrapped around each other. To make the look more interesting i’ve done it off centre so it sits behind the ear and to keep an eye on the runway, the texture is high shine and sleek that almost reflects light. Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray is essential to finish this sort of hair style as it encourages hold and shine without stickyness. To get that runway reflective shine, work Nicky Clarke Instant Calmer into dry hair, which will also tame fly away hairs.”