GET THE LOOK: Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole – seen here at the launch of her new shoe collection – uncharacteristically went for a modern day beehive with a twist with lots of height, almost Bardot, Hepburn like. I really like it and I also really like the fact she is going slightly darker; it was a change to go blonder but it didn’t set her eyes off as dark hair does.

There is one product for this style, all day long, Nicky Clarke Tease Me – Backcombing in a bottle. It’s epic! And with a little sprinkle it offers the hair so much instant volume that lasts, genuinely check it out.


First pull the hair band or hair accessory over your head and leave around neck

  • Building guts and love into the hair is essential. Use Nicky Clarke Great Body Ultimate Mousse, combing through wet hair from roots to ends. Begin at the neck and work up ensuring all hair is coated in product.
  • Begin drying the hair. It’s really important the hair absorbes as much product as quickly as possible – you want to create a really stiff deconstructed texture so be sure not to brush through too much.
  • Once your hair is dry take a small round brush and clean up the hairline by straightening the hair straight out from the head.
  • Take a triangular section at the top of the head and pull through a ponytail with a bungee cord.
  • Now pull the ponytail through a doughnut which is going to be your base (filler) to the style
  • Secure the doughnut by griping through the doughnut and into the head and back out in the direction of the ponytail.
  • On top of the doughnut place a hair piece, ideally a hair net filled with fake hair.
  • Section the head down the middle and take out a section two inches in depth.
  • Sprinkle Nicky Clarke Tease Me and give it a little shake. Gently tease the roots just once and watch as the product does all the work!
  • Continue this procedure all the way around the head. When you get to the top of the head work horizontally when taking your sections.


  • With all the hair backcombed, now take a bristle bush and begin brushing the hair on one side of the hair into your hand followed by plenty of Nicky Clarke Hairspray
  • Begin twisting the back into a French twist and grip into the head and hair piece.
  • When you get to the top brush back, hence the horizontal sections, don’t secure just yet.
  • Do the same on the other side of the head at the back; brushing, twisting in and securing.
  • When you reach the top, take both sections and brush back into your hands. The Tease Me will offer lots of resistance here.
  • Once all pulled back use your fingers to grip the hair into the hair piece. Any loose pieces are essential to make this look a little cooler and effortless
  • Pull the hair band up and finish with Nicky Clarke Hold and Shine Ultimate Hairspray.